H - 1134 Budapest, Váci út 31. 

How to reach us?
  • By public transport:
    • Metro Line 3 - Dózsa György út station
    • Trolley bus line 75 or line 79 - Dózsa György út station
  • By car: You can reach our office from Váci street, Dózsa György street or from Dráva street. 

In case you need more information on our recruitment process or on your ongoing application, please fill the below sheet and we will answer your question as soon as possible. 

Thank you. 

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Why should you choose us?

You can improve yourself on an average of 64 hours of professional and individual training each year.

Part-time working hours and working partly from home to help you attain a healthy work-life balance.

We organise annual health screenings for our colleagues, and health insurance is part of your benefits. We also support our colleagues’ sports activities, including team sports and running races.

More than 80% of our colleagues is proud to work at KPMG.

You can dedicate three working days per year to volunteering, including centrally organised professional pro bono jobs as well as individual initiatives supported by the company.

You can test yourself in KPMG offices abroad with your secondment lasting from a few months to a few years.

When you get started you'll receive an iPhone and a laptop, and you can also use the associated employee package for private purposes up to the set limit.